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LEARN to DIVE in BRUSSELS ? NEMO33, total comfort & safety

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AQUAGYM in Brussels

Aquagym à NEMO33 BruxellesAquagym à NEMO33 BruxellesAquagym à NEMO33 Bruxelles



The sessions of « Aquagym » will allow you to develop your muscle tone and regain your general vitality.
In water slightly mineralized, without chlorine smell, at a temperature above 30 °C, you will practice dynamic exercises targeting each muscle you have forgotten, because of a sedentary lifestyle.
With the help of different gear you will rediscover the power that sleeps in you and you will pass you own limits.
A maximum of 30 participants is allowed per session.  Woman and man are welcome.


Participants must verify their medical ability to practice aquagym specially if they may suffer from heart problems or any other condition that may pose a danger when practicing sports.  It is essential to prevent the instructor of your possible weaknesses.

The schedules

In the morning from 10h45 to 12h00 :   tuesdays, thursdays and fridays  (Tuesdays there is an aditional session from 9h45 to 11h00)
In the afternoon from 17h45 to 19h00 :  tuesdays, wednesday, and thursday.

The price of the aquagym sessions (group courses)

  • 15€ TTC per session of aproximately 50 minutes
  • 115€ TTC for 10 sessions (valid for 4 months; non-refundable)
  • NO RESERVATION required for the group courses.

The price for individual sessions

  • 60€ TTC pper session of 50 minutes (adults)
  • Individual courses are available only upon RESERVATION !

  NEW:  Group Course "Pré-birthl"  wednesdays morning upon request (Phone +32 2 332.33.34)



  • We ask all the participants to exceptional quality of the water.  Please do not spit, clean your nose, or empty your sphincters.  A water controlling deviced have been installed to guarantee the purity of the water.
  • Please rinse off beauty products as creams and body lotions before EACH session of aquagym.
  • The water temperature is above 30°C.  During winter often rises to 33°C.  During summer is more dependant on the amount of captured sunlight (during this season the water is warmed with solar panels) and it can descend until 31°C.  You can read the actual temperatures on the information digital screen located in the restaurant
  • What do I need to bring ?
  • Swiming suit (single piece recommended for aquagym !)
  • Towel
  • 1 coin of 50 cents for the locker.
  • Swiming cap : non mandatory
  • Showers, 3 individual changing rooms and hair-dryers are available 3.
  • Easy parking in the complex of NEMO33.



Nemo33 searches for Aquagym instructors, who possess a BSSA (Brevet Supérieur de Sauvetage Aquatique).  If interested send your CV with photo to: John Beernaerts - NEMO33 - Rue de Stalle 333 - 1180 Bruxelles.





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