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Scuba diving courses for women

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  • Yes! Scuba diving is sport for women. And they are excellent !

Are there many women that dive at NEMO33?

Before the opening of NEMO33 in 2004, scuba diving was teach in difficoult and stressing conditions.  remember when the trainings where done in swiming pools, which are not so clean, and cold?  And after those long trainings in the evenings you needed to dive into lakes, or "carrières"... Freezing waters with almost no visibility with unpredictable obstacles, and complete darkness under 20m!
That is one of the reasons why NEMO33 was created.  No more stressing trainings, dangerous conditions, or accidents!

Before and under those extreme conditions the percentage of diving women was as reduced as 20% of all the divers !

At NEMO33 everything has change !  We even have scuba diving sessions where there are 100% women !

Why? Because now woman find the right conditions that motivate them to scuba dive. Before there was the opposite !  Women now take courses to join their diving partners or even to organize their own scuba diving trips to tropical places, nothing is stoping them now!

You too...come and try ! You will understand why there are so many women that take scuba diving courses at NEMO33.


Are there any physiological limits for women in terms of scuba diving ?

The only time when women should not dive is during the time when they are pregnant.


Are scuba diving courses convenient to women ?

Absolutely !  Actually they are better divers than man.  More calm, more rational, they found the right sport where there is no need to have strong muscles and a discipline based on the calm, self-control and love for beauty.  Down you can find an article published by an american diver in 2008.

La grâce d'une plongeuse après une bonne formation à la plongée


Would you like to start inmediately? Even without paying?  You  can take an online course about scuba diving for FREE and via INTERNET.  If you decide to do the course and obtain the licence, the online course will be VALID as the first part of your open water course.  Click here:     ONLINE TRAINING
You can come and try scuba diving!  There are two ways: An INTRODUCTORY DIVE that takes one hour or a TDS course that takes 2,5h.  You will find more information clicking in the section COURSES / INTRODUCTORY COURSES.
IMPORTANT INFO :  If you are 4 people interested in taking the same course we will give you an incredible discount !

Why Women Are 8 Times Better Divers Than Men

June 17th, 2008

I’m just gonna run these off. Generalisations I know, and there will always be exceptions, but some will hit home. Everyone’s thinking it!
1. Scubagirls don’t have that macho, cowboy, risk taking, ‘lets impress our mates’ thing happening. Their dives are well within the limits, performed carefully and safely, with no corner cutting.
2. Regarding customers, I’d say in general a gentler manner. With students especially. Sometimes it can be almost motherly to young divers. And much less intimidating to new divers on the scene. New scubagirls will immediately let themselves be taken under her wing.

3. Multi-tasking! Scubagirls, wait, any girl, any situation. Scubagirls can multitask. Think of and do ten things at once. That’s good for dealings with divers, forms, coxwains and gear, all at the same time.

4. As above, but scubagirls can be pretty organised regarding it all too, like a female divemaster for example. It will continue to amaze me, that women can put a hand on anything, anytime, anywhere. Like they have a ‘stuff’ radar. This includes, the O-ring jar floating around, the liability forms, the spare hood. Where is it? Oh, there it is!

5. Preparation!!! A set of clothes for if the weather turns hot, a set for if it turns cold, food, drinks, back up pens, spare everything, seasickness pills, a diveslate with it all listed, and everything in between. Don’t even try and call it anal or neurotic, it is simply planning ahead for every possibility. Isn’t it? Maybe women do go a bit overboard. What a great choice of words for someone who works on a boat… But seriously, women love lists, and prove that they work.

6. To point six. An innate ability to sharpen people up. Women can be demanding, especially underwater. She will always make her point clear, even in sign language, and not take no for an answer. If she wants up, it’s time to go, even if you have 150bar left. There is no ‘it’ll be ‘right!’ Women divers will not leave anything to chance when diving, and somehow she’ll get her way.

7. Women can always think of a point to make, even if number seven was quite difficult to come up with.

8. And finally, women are 8 times better divers than men because; they always have men looking out for them! It makes sense! All those extra sets of eyes watching a female diver do her thing? They are bound to catch any mistake before it even happens. This doesn’t make women better by default, oh no no! It will be put down to them only concentrating on their buddy, or anyone in their care and themselves. Because women are never wrong, although they can admit it when they are.



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