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CERTIFIED DIVER, you want to DIVE at NEMO33 Brussels ?


How to learn to dive in Belgium

LEARN to DIVE in BRUSSELS ? NEMO33, total comfort & safety

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Scuba diving courses for teenagers

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  Adolescents, cours de plongée à NEMO33 Bruxelles

Are teenagers (12 yearls old +) also welcome to take scuba diving courses at NEMO33 ?

At the age when teenagers look for a meaning to their lifes, scuba diving can be an important element.  It can give them a reason to study biology, physics, mathematics, geography, history, etc.  The knowledge they have adquired at school might also be used during the diving courses. At the social level, scuba diving teaches the importance of the respect to the other and respect for nature.  You too...Come and try it!  You will understand why teenagers also love to dive at NEMO33.


Which are the physiological limits for teenagers in terms of scuba diving?

The same that for adults.  A visit to the doctor will determine if there is any indication against the practice of the sport.


Are scuba diving courses convenient for teenagers ?

For sure !  If the limits are respected. Tehre is not a need ofg having very strong muscles for the practice of this discipline that is based on self-control.   Scuba diving courses for teenagers are the same than those for adults.  The only difference is that the liscence they obtain is called a "junior" license until the age of 15.  After that the licence can be converted into a normal licence as the one of adults.  Scuba diving courses can be taken in family or in groups of teenagers and adults. Contact us and you will be surprised of the different options that we can offer you.


Would you like to start inmediately? Even without paying?  You  can take an online course about scuba diving for FREE and via INTERNET.  If you decide to do the course and obtain the licence, the online course will be VALID as the first part of your open water course.  Click here:     ONLINE TRAINING
You can come and try scuba diving!  There are two ways: An INTRODUCTORY DIVE that takes one hour or a TDS course that takes 2,5h.  You will find more information clicking in the section COURSES / INTRODUCTORY COURSES.
IMPORTANT INFO :  If you are 4 people interested in taking the same course we will give you an incredible discount !



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