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CERTIFIED DIVER, you want to DIVE at NEMO33 Brussels ?


How to learn to dive in Belgium

LEARN to DIVE in BRUSSELS ? NEMO33, total comfort & safety

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Scuba diving courses for men

NEMO33, is the best place to learn scuba diving...

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  • It is great to dive in a couple !

Why do guys love to take their scuba diving courses at NEMO33 ?

Before the opening of NEMO33 in 2004, scuba diving was teach in difficoult and stressing conditions.  remember when the trainings where done in swiming pools, which are not so clean, and cold?  And after those long trainings in the evenings you needed to dive into lakes, or "carrières"... Freezing waters with almost no visibility with unpredictable obstacles, and complete darkness under 20m!
That is one of the reasons why NEMO33 was created.  No more stressing trainings, dangerous conditions, or accidents!

At NEMO33, everything has change !  the confort and security are the most important things at NEMO33.  Imagine!  Drinkable water, warmed at minimum 30°C, best quality dive equipment from the recognized brand AQUALUNG, an adapted architecture for scuba diving courses and professionals that will teach you in your different languages (4 languages).

You too...come and try scuba diving !  You will undersant why NEMO33 is so successful.


Are there any physiological limits for men in terms of scuba diving ?

Before you start any course you must answer a medical questionary to determine if you can practice this sport.  If necessary you might need to do a medical exam but there are very few cases in which you can not take a diving course.


Are scuba diving courses convenient for all men ?

There is no need to have very strong muscles to practice this discipline of self-control. Any healthy man can join a scuba diving course.


Would you like to start inmediately? Even without paying?  You  can take an online course about scuba diving for FREE and via INTERNET.  If you decide to do the course and obtain the licence, the online course will be VALID as the first part of your open water course.  Click here:     ONLINE TRAINING
You can come and try scuba diving!  There are two ways: An INTRODUCTORY DIVE that takes one hour or a TDS course that takes 2,5h.  You will find more information clicking in the section COURSES / INTRODUCTORY COURSES.
IMPORTANT INFO :  If you are 4 people interested in taking the same course we will give you an incredible discount !  PS : Of course woman are also welcome!.



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