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CERTIFIED DIVER, you want to DIVE at NEMO33 Brussels ?


How to learn to dive in Belgium

LEARN to DIVE in BRUSSELS ? NEMO33, total comfort & safety

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BAR and RESTO THAï with sight on mermaids !

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DIVESHOP in Brussels, swimsuit, wetsuit, regulator, ... ?

AGENDA of our dive courses

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Click here to see the  " CALENDAR of our DIVE COURSES "

  • You can check from your own place the shedules of our courses.  It is updated frequently.  You will find the "last update" in the top right corner.
  • Each color corresponds to a type of course.
  • The tiny number ex: "1" makes reference to the first, second, third...etc day of the course... and the word " FIN " indicated the date of the last session (it can be during the next month)
  • Choose the session whose schedules are right for you (each course has a code ex.:  1133-OWS-EN).  This code means: code of the course 1133 - OPEN WATER DIVER SSI - in English (EN).
  • Send us an email:   aca (at) nemo33.com   including the code of the course in which you are interested
  • Or call us:   02 332 33 34    between 10:00 and 18:00
  • We will confirm you the availability and we will give you all the practical informations.
Do you want to start inmediately?  The theory sessions of the first courses are are for free! Click here:  ONLINE TRAINING
If the proposed sessions do not adjust to your schedules, we are able to open different sessions for you, at any time of the week, the 365 days of the year!  Alone, in couple or in groups, everything is possible !  Contact us !

NEW:  If you are 4 people interested in taking the same course we will offer you a great discount!   Contact us !



Ecole plongée sous-marine Bruxelles

- NEMO33 :  A world's unique learning pool with the maximum safety and confort

  • Cristalline, drinkable, mineralized, and deliciously soothing water.
  • Learn to dive without getting cold...our water temperature is above 30°C
  • Completely clear water...more than 33m of visibility !
  • A pool built with different depth levels according to diving teaching standards.  You will learn in a safe way and at your own pace.
  • NEMO33 is not only a pool  :  It is THE ONLY pool considered by SSI as an open water environment, in which we can teach you most of the exercices and avoid you to begin your diving lessons in cold european waters.  You can start a course in NEMO33 and finish it in tropical waters ...
  • A practical and user-friendly infrastructure.  After you finish your dive you can enjoy our tasty thaï restaurant.

- The dive equipment

  • We provide you the best and newest dive equipment from one prestigious brand !
  • The maximum confort : All the equipment and tanks are just next to the border of pool.

- The courses at the DIVE SCHOOL NEMO33

  • Scuba Schools International (SSI) has more tha 35 years of experience teaching people how to dive, and its one of the biggest and most recognized associations of scuba diving in the world ! SSI is present in more than 110 countries, with more than 2400 dive centers.  Its teaching materials have been translated into 24 languages.  The certifications SSI are synonym of quality all around the world.  Managed by europeans, it is more known in the anglo-saxon countries than CMAS. SSI is market leader in Germany and Australia.
  • Theory courses are done at your own pace from the confort of your home of office, via internet, in your prefered language.  The theory courses are FREE and you can find the at: ONLINE TRAINING.
  • You will be teached by an SSI professional, who is registered to the dive center, in any of the following languages: (FR-NL-ENG-SPA-IT).
  • you can choose the course schedules depending on your own availability, any of the 365 days of the year.
  • It is possible to take private lessons, in the schedules that you prefer.
  • Competitive prices, that include the entry fees
  • Group discounts (min. 4 people)

- And if after all... you are not convinced... :

  • Get prepared for your diving holidays!  There is no need to be in a classroom while the others are enjoying the beach and the sun.  After you learn at NEMO33 under different conditions (different depths, with great visibility or during the night, with a computer and from a boat...) you will be ready to start diving safely in the same moment you arrive to your holidays.  This is why people prefere to learn at NEMO33!
  • We are the only ones that offer the possibility to do crossover courses between the diving associations: LIFRAS, NELOS, FFESSM, CMAS, PADI, and SSI. For example if you have an OPEN WATER DIVER SSI certification you will be able to get THREE certifications directly  (The SSI OWD, plus a Level 1 FFESSM, and a 1*CMAS).
  • We are the only professional structure in Blegium that can affiliate you to the FFESSM and that can validate your Level 1 (1* CMAS) while doing a crossover course.  This certification will open you the doors to dive in France .
  • If you have taken a scuba diving course at NEMO33 after the 1st of January 2010, you can register to the Club NEMO33. One hour on the pool every week reserved ONLY for the members, dinner in a private room, activities, exlusive entry, tips to improve underwater... in a few words : the Club to which everyone wants to belong.
  • We belive that to be a better diver it is necessary to practice.  That is why we will offer you a FREE DIVE at the end of your course.   You can choose your buddie and come and dive anytime during the opening hours. This will help you be autonomous and if you want you can join us as well to our open water dives.  People say it : we teach the best divers in the world  !



Some independent instructors or dive schools other than NEMO33 will propose you to teach you dive courses using our pool.  Inform yourself about all the conditions to participate in the courses.  For example:  If you do a PADI course remember that PADI only allows you to do the sessions of CONFINED WATERS at NEMO and you will need to do ALL the training dives in open waters.  the same occurs with the Advanced Course of PADI.  If someone is proposing you to do this courses at NEMO33, your certification is ILLEGAL because the training standards are not being followed.   NEMO33 has nothing to do with this proposals and we decline all responsability.
This is one of the reasons we invite you to choose SSI as your training association.  The courses are legally authorized to be teached at NEMO33 ! 
As well we invite you to compare the TOTAL PRICE of the course they offer.  (does it include the equipment rental?  Do you  need to pay your own entry fee?  Do you need to buy your own gear or pay extra for the certification card or book?  You can compare the quality of their services..



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