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CERTIFIED DIVER, you want to DIVE at NEMO33 Brussels ?


How to learn to dive in Belgium

LEARN to DIVE in BRUSSELS ? NEMO33, total comfort & safety

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FREEDIVING : How to dive in NEMO33?

It is decided !   NEMO33 Brussels opens its doors for freediving and apnea.

Woman freediver, plongeuse en apnee à NEMO33 Fred Buyle/nektos.net

Wonderful fresh and mineralized water, pleasant to the skin, without chlorine and without smell, heated by solar panels at a temperature of 32°-33°C.   Increasing depths in the form of bearings to match your levels of learning.  Hot showers, clean air, healthy products at our restaurant, a bar with underwater view of the pool, and a shop with materials for apnea,
Does it tempt you? Here are the conditions for freediving at NEMO33 - Bruxelles :
1- The session reserved for freedivers could be any day/hour, by example Saturday night between 21h to 23h ONLY WITH A CLUB RESERVATION.  Starting on January 1st, 2011. Check our DIVE PACKAGE - SPECIAL EVENT.
2- During this session of 2 hours, the pool of NEMO33 is open for freedivers of any federation (SSI, FFESSM, LIFRAS, NELOS, AIDA, etc) that belong to a freediving club and come with their own instructor - supervisor .
3- The price is 30€ per person for two hours.  The club (or federation) that does the reservation must agree to pay for at least 15 people.   This price includes only the access to NEMO33 and not any insurance.  The participants must be members of the club that reserves, and the group can not exceed 33 participants.
4- A session can be reserved for only ONE CLUB.  A club is defined as an legally formed and autonomous entity .
5- THE CLUB that reserves is ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE for the use of the pool and pit of NEMO33.  The standards of the exercises are defined by the person responsible for the group and must be approved by the instructor of NEMO33 that is present.  All participants are asked to think and act in with safety principles and common sense as a matter of priority.
6-  The visiting club is expected to organize the safety logistics AND to provide ALL the resources necessary to assist the participants.  The list of safety material is left to your discretion, but must contain at least oxygen and how to provide it.  The club is legally responsible for the safety of all the participants.
7- All participants must respect and follow the instructions of the person responsible for the club and the instructor of NEMO33. Here are the minimum rules that should be respected:
- BUDDY SYSTEM :  A freediver must always be supervised by their buddy from the surface from the start of the freedive until 30 seconds after he/she exists the water and he/she signals "OK". 
- Respect the surface intervals :  For a dive until -20m: the surface interval will be calculated according to the dive time (surface interval in minutes= 2  x dive time).  Under 20m : The surface interval should be calculated according to the maximum depth reached (minutes on the surface = the reached depth divided by 5).
- Use of a safety line for all dives on  the pit of -35m.
- No static apnea beyond -2,5m deep.
8- The goal is :  ZERO INCIDENTS !
Incidents such as blackouts, samba, loss of consciousness, MUST BE AVOIDED!.
The person responsible for any such incidents must STOP DEFINETELY and will be RESPONSIBLE for the cancelation of freediving and apnea at NEMO33.
9- For bookings, email us including your preferences of date and the approximate number of participants :  dive(at)nemo33(dot)com.  To confirm the reservation, a payment of 15 participants (15 x 30€ =450€) must be received within 5 days. 
10- If the sessions on Saturdays evenings are truly successful we will open other additional schedules.
- We do not have yet any apnea materials available at NEMO33.
- The visiting club is allowed to bring all the materials needed for their practice (buoys, ropes, weights).  No metallic objects must remain in the pool.  Weights and any other metallic objects must be covered by fabric or foam of a minimum of 5cm (to protect the tiles in case of falling pieces).

We open a school of apnea for all the FREEDIVERS and apneists.
The delivered certifications are worldwide recognized (see at the section COURSES under "Golden Palm Price").
You will find all the details clicking on COURSES/SSI, APNEA.
After obtaining one of our certifications, you will have access to special sessions.
Our school is affiliated to SSI, and our instructors (AIDA, LIFRAS, FFESSM, etc) are trained under the standards of SSI.
The wish of our school is to teach rigorously this magical discipline.
Being an INSTRUCTOR at NEMO33 gives you the advantage of teaching under great conditions the whole year, with a motivated team.  Your passion for teaching can be combined with your job.

If you wish to do your crossover to FREEDIVING INSTRUCTOR SSI and start this adventure with us, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible:     aca (at) nemo33.com

Want to follow a freediving course with NEMO33 ? Click on COURS d'APNEE

All the team of NEMO33 Brussels is waiting for you !



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