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Frequently Asked Questions - Dive

FAQ : Try Dive (Baptême de plongée)

When can I do a "Try Dive"?

Mondays, wednesday and fridays between 19h and 21h and week-ends (at 12h, 13h, 14h during summer, and non-stop from 11h until 19h during winter).  Important: You should arrive 45 minutes before the beginning.

What should I bring ?

One identity card, swiming suit, towel, a parental authorization for unaccompanied minors, 50 cents for the changing room.

How long is the Try Dive ?

Approximately 1 hour + passage to the changing rooms.

How do I register for a Try Dive ?

Reserving by telephone (+32 (2) 332 33 34) or email:  dive (at) nemo33.com

What is the price ?

45 € per person (2 pers. max. per hour).  Payment can be  done on advance by bank transfer or on site by cash, Bancontact or credit card.

If we are  more than 2 people and we want to do the Try Dive at the same time ?

It is also possible.  Please contact the department of EVENTS  (Price will be different : between 40 and 70€ + TVA).

FAQ : Individuals Divers

What is the minimum age for diving at NEMO33 ?

12 years old.

Which documents do I need to show ?

An identity card and the dive certification card.

Which are the prices ?

You will find this information in the menu DIVE under the section « Prices ».

Which are the payment methods ?

You can pay at the reception in cash, Bancontact or credit card (We do not accept American Express).

Are there some reduced prices?

Yes, for those who have a "PDI Card".

Do I need to reserve ?

No (only the groups of more than 10 divers must reserve).

What should I bring with me ?

Swiming suit, towel, dive computer (see the section « equipment »).

Can I dive with my own regulator ?

Yes,if it is not DIN and if it has an integrated computer.  If your regulator is from the DIN type, remember to bring your own adaptor.

At what time of the day can I come diving ?

Check out the section DIVE and there SCHEDULES

At what time should I arrive?

1 hour, or 45 minutes before the beggining of the dive.

Can I dive on a "Short-type swiming suit" ?


Is it mandatory to use a swiming cap ?


Which are the Diving Rules ?

Those from your diving federation and those of NEMO33 (See: DIVE BRIEFING).

FAQ :  Group of Divers

How do I do  reservation ?

Call (+32 (0)2 332 33 34) o email:   dive (at) nemo33.com

Which are the prices ?

See the menu DIVE and there PRICES

Are there discounts for groups ?

Yes, we have DIVE PACKAGES, see the menu EVENT.

Which are the schedules ?

See the menu DIVE - SCHEDULES

Which are the documents to be presented?

An identification card and the diving certification.

Which parts of the equipment can we bring?

See at the section DIVE - EQUIPMENT

Can we do dive exercices ?

Yes, under the standards of your diving federation AND ONLY WITH A DIVE INSTRUCTOR!

Which are the rules that we should follow ?

The rules of your diving federation and the rules of NEMO33.

What can we do if we do not have any supervisor?

Call us or send us an email to reserve to dive with one of our instructors (the price is 33€ for one instructor, plus the normal price of the dive).

How many students can an instructor supervise ?

4 students (and for Try Dives: 2 students).

Do you have double valve bottles ?

Yes. You can ask to the Safety Operator of the pool.





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