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HOW to dive with NEMO33 ?

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What PRICE for dive at NEMO33 ?


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What dive EQUIPMENT can you bring at NEMO33 ?

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What are the dive SCHEDULES to dive at NEMO33 ?


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INSTRUCTOR welcome at NEMO33 !


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EXTRA DEALS for groups of divers at NEMO33 !


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When is it necessary to RESERVE at NEMO33 ?

DIVING at NEMO33 Brussels

DIVE at NEMO33 Brussels … the deepest diving pool-pit in the World !

Apprendre la plongée à Bruxelles à NEMO33

NEMO33 is open to all recreational divers, beginers, tourists, from all federations.

NEMO33 welcomes you the 365 days of the year, including holidays !

To acces the pool of  NEMO33, you must :
- Be minimum 12 years old,
- Be certified as a diver or be accompanied by and instructor authorized to teach,
- Be in good physical condition,
- Commit to the rules of diving established by your federation and the specific rules of NEMO33,
- Have a certified diving buddy,
- Pay the entrance fee.
The management reserves the right to refuse the access.


Do you want to try ?  NEMO33 offers you introductory diving courses. Click on LEARN TO DIVE to see the details.  As well you can contact us at :    +32 (0)2 332 33 34 or by mail to :    dive (at)


Divers should register themselves on the counter of NEMO33 with the required documents approximately ONE HOUR before the beginning of the dive :
- We expect the divers to register with their BUDDIES or INSTRUCTOR ... no one dives alone!  If a diver has no buddy, there are two solutions :
  • Search for a buddy at NEMO33 before registering for the dive.
  • Ask to dive with one of our instructors NEMO33 (reservation must be made on advance, supplementary cost 33€).


  • Follow the rules of your own federation AND the rules of NEMO33.
  • If you hesitate between the rules of your association and the rules of NEMO33, take in mind the more conservative to guarantee your own safety
  • The diver should have a medical certification (Recreational Scuba Diver's Physical Examination) valid for no more than 12 months.  Otherwise he/she assumes entirely the consequences of the dive.
  • The diver should be covered by a diving insurance.  Otherwise he/she assumes entirely all the consequences of a diving incident.  Insured or not, while entering NEMO33, the diver authorizes NEMO33 to take all the needed measures in case of a problem (emergency calls, ambulance, evacuation, etc)
  • The diver is responsible for his buddy, and they should remain physically near during the dive.  The buddy is the first one that can interfere in case of a problem.
  • The diver should use the facilities of NEMO33 in an appropriate and respectful way.
  • The diver accepts that his name is registered in the in the files of clients of NEMO33.
  • NEMO33 owns the publishing rights to the images taken inside of its facilities.
  • The diver is informed that for safety and communication reasons, the images can be taken from him. He accepts that some of the images might be used by NEMO33.
  • Divers "1*CMAS" should be accompanied by another diver "3*CMAS" as minimum.
  • Diving practices / exercices should be only supervised by a certified instructor, under the standards of his own federation.  The recognized associations at NEMO33 are : LIFRAS, NELOS, FFESSM, NOB, BSAC, NAUI, SSI, PADI, IDEA.  We are not familiar with the standards of other federations.  To make part of this list, plase ask to the legal representant of your federation to contact us.
  • The minimum age to dive at NEMO33 is 12 years old.  Identification cards will be asked.
  • The maximum depth for a diver (of any federation) under the age of 15 is 12m.  When a diver is 15 years old he/she should follow all the standards of his / hers association.
  • If you have not been diving for more than 6 months, we suggest you do a "REFRESH DIVE" except if you are with your own instructor. 
  • The entrance to the pool is limited only for divers. The non-divers are welcome to remain in the Bar & Restaurant, from where they can see the divers underwater by the windows.
  • IMPORTANT : Divers should plan their dives so that it is NOT necesary to do decompression stops.  The only stop that should be planified is the safety stop, which in theory should not be needed if you have dived a conservative profile.  Nevertheless the safety stop is suggested.
  • Divers should not remain more than 10 minutes between  20 - 35 mts.
  • The diver agrees to be excluded with no recourse if he / she does not meet all the above rules recorded.
  • You can see the diving schedules in the section SCHEDULES in this same menu.



It is not necesary to do reservation for single divers or groups of LESS than 10 people.  Simply register yourself at NEMO33 on time for the next dive and get in the water !  It is  NOT necessary to call us to inquire about the estimated affluence of divers for an specific hour.  The only periods when affluence might be higher, is between december and march, during the week-ends.  In those periods it is posible that without a group reservation, you might need to wait until the next turn.   For the rest of the year, it is useless to call.  If you arrive on time, you will dive in the turn you want !
For the groups of divers (minimum 10 divers), please contact us:  +32 (0)2 332 33 34 (monday to friday, from 10:00AM to 6:00PM), for reserving your dives.  Reservations are up to maximum 35 divers per hour.  Visit our section « groups » for more information about the ways to reserve.  As well we suggest you to check out the prices of our DIVING PACKAGE ...
Soon you will be able to reserve directly through our website.



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