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CERTIFIED DIVER, you want to DIVE at NEMO33 Brussels ?


How to learn to dive in Belgium

LEARN to DIVE in BRUSSELS ? NEMO33, total comfort & safety

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Diveshop Bruxelles

DIVESHOP in Brussels, swimsuit, wetsuit, regulator, ... ?

PRICES of the dives at NEMO33


For all certified divers (from any federation).

25€ per person and per dive.

For non-certified divers (or who have less than a certification OW PADI or a temporary card (these are not recognized by NEMO33)).

35€ per person and per dive.

For divers that come in a GROUP (min. 10 people) or for a couple.

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Do not forget to bring your dive computer. In case you forgot it, it is possible to rent one in the reception of NEMO33, except during the last dive of each day (3 euros per dive, 5 euros per day)

We remind to all of the divers to follow the rules stablished by NEMO33 in the DIVE BRIEFING (section DIVE, then BRIEFING).

We do accept payments by VISA, MASTERCARD and BANCONTACT above 20 euros. For payments under this amount we must charge an extra 50cents) 

Divers who are NOT INSURED dive under their own responsability; NEMO33 does not provide a dive insurance.

Non certified divers (or with a certification level under 1*CMAS or OW PADI) do not benefit from the preferential rates of 22euros

"Temporary Open Water Cards" delivered by PADI are not accepted as certification cards.  In that case the entry price will be the same as for a non-certified diver.

The use of a dive computer is COMPULSORY for ALL divers, INCLUDING BEGINNERS.  The rent fee of a computer is included in the price of an Introductory dive offered by NEMO33.  It is possible to rent a computer at the reception of NEMO33 for 3,00€ per dive or 5,00€ per day.  Once you rent one of our computers let us know if you will use it for one or more dives.  WARNING, it is not possible to rent a computer during the last dive of each day.



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